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  • Scale Model Building

  • "You know, Number One, you missed something not playing with model ships. They were the source of imaginary voyages, each holding a treasure of adventures. Manning the earliest spacecraft, flying an aeroplane, with only one propeller to keep you in the sky. Can you imagine that?" - J.L. Picard

Enterprise NCC-1701 D

Unforgettable Enterprise from Next Generation, the series that brought back Star Trek

Enterprise D

Enterprise NCC-1701

From the original Start Trek series

Enterprise TOS

USS Voyager

The USS Voyager, lost in far delta quadrant

USS Voyager


Yes, there is Star Wars too!


After going around in the space for more than thirty years, I wanted to gift the Alpha Moonbase’s people a beautiful and calm habitable planet, without hostile aliens and which was not done with deadly anti-matter. I wished to improve my skills in making a diorama.


Why not making a small diorama dedicated to Doctor Who, as this is one of the oldest sci-fi shows in television’s history? Taking advantage of the small 1/72 scale, I think that I'll make several dioramas where the blue phone box will be the main, ironic and disquieting character.


When you are a sci-fi fan and also an enthusiast scale model builder, one day you will meet the big 1/350 Enterprise “refit” along its way. Such a model, with its huge and impressing size (90 cm length), requires time, patience and, last but not least, a very big show case.

Big size

Scratch building of a scale model, like creating each single part of it instead of buying a kit to assemble, is almost never necessary. Sometimes it may happen that a good kit of the model that we wish to build is not yet for sale. With a bit of patience, it is possible to produce a home made kit.

Self building

Harlock world. The SW-190 fighter’s design remained the same during years and despite several series dedicated to Harlock’s universe. Although shown in various versions, the black one, specially crafted for Harlock, has a really amazing look.

Anime: Harlock/1

Harlock world. The Arcadia starship, in its various versions, shows how Leji Matsumoto’s ability in representing the futuristic technology has gone far beyond the pure figurative skills, doing drawings of ships and vehicles with a very strong personality.

Anime: Harlock/2